AIR CURTAINS are designed for installation in the entry way of commercial and industrial places, such as shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, supermarket etc. AIR CURTAINS provides aninvisiblecurtain of air, which can effectively shut out the outside air. The invisible barrier can keep out the insects, particles, unpleasant smells, and dust from indoor, but without impeding the access of people or vehicles. What’s more, these air curtains can also prevent air escaping from an air-conditioned room, which will contribute to providing fresh filtered air and high energy saving.

   As a experienced air curtain manufacturer and supplier, Nedfon has designed and produced a series of Air Curtain for many kinds of applications and installations. The main products of Air Curtain covering cross flow air curtain, centrifugal air curtain, industrial air curtain, new industrial air curtain, ptc heating air curtain etc. Nedfon is no doubt a trustworthy air curtain supplier and air curtain for doors supplier.

   Nedfon has long been a cross flow air curtain manufacturer. Cross Flow Air Curtain is one of our best-selling air curtains, which has been widely sold at home and abroad. Nedfon cross flow air curtain is with scientific design, with one motor in the middle and two fan wheels at side. Nedfon is a technical cross flow air curtain manufacturer, so there are many kinds of cross flow air curtain for customer to chose. The air speed can reach 11m/s, and the installation heigh up to 3m, which is suitable for almost occasions.

   Centrifugal air curtainis are also Nedfon’s representative products. Nedfon is a famous air curtain supplier for Centrifugal air curtains. Nedfon Centrifugal air curtain is installed with at least two high quality motors, which could provide high air speed up to 15m/s. Centrifugal air curtain is usually installed in commercial and industrial occasions , where is needed for strong clean air.

   Nedfon is also specialized in new industrial air curtains. Due to the high quality and variety of *new industrial air curtains,. Nedfon becomes a trustworthy industrial air curtain company among the customers. With a large number of enterprises chosing Nedfon new industrial air curtains, Nedfon is also regarded as a famous air curtain for doors supplier. Therefore, in recent years, Nedfon has invested a large amount of manpower and material resourses to research and develop new industrial air curtains. The stainless cover of new industrial air curtains is made from powder-coated metal, working well in various occasions and environment. The air wheel is made of high-strength plastic or metal material, which is very strong and durable to work.

   Today, Nedfon is working hard to become the best air curtain supplier and air curtain for doors supplier, also the best cross flow air curtain manufacturer, centrifugal air curtain manufacturer. Moreover, we are trying to be the most technical industrial air curtain company all over the world.


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