In recent years, the centrifugal air curtain has been widely used in many occasions and environments. It is one of the best air curtain and commercial door air curtain. Centrifugal Air Curtain is a product that installed to separate air or contaminants from moving one space to another. It provides aninvisiblecurtain of air, which can effectively keep out the insects, particles, unpleasant smells, and dust from indoor, but without impeding the access of people or vehicles. Therefore, the centrifugal air curtain has been widely used in commercial and industrial places, including the shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, big office buildings, factories, hotels, subways, warehouses and so on.

   Nedfon is a famous and experienced air curtain manufacturer and air curtain for room supplier. We are also a technology-based centrifugal air curtainfactorywhich has long been engaged in theair curtain commercialarea. Centrifugal air curtainis one of our representational commercial door air curtain and best air curtain. Nedfon designs and produces a series of centrifugal air curtainfor all kinds of application and installations.

Nedfon Centrifugal air curtain-Features

1.. The stainless cover of Centrifugal air curtainis made from powder-coated metal, working well in various occasions and environments. The all-metal construction of Centrifugal air curtain contributes to automatic overheating protection.

2. Centrifugal air curtainuses 2-3 motors running in the same time, cooperates with the centrifugal wind wheels to provide a strong speed air stream over the entrance to separate the indoor and outdoor air environment. The Centrifugal air curtain can be installed above a door, a window, or any place you need air separation. Due to its high efficiency, Centrifugal air curtain is regarded as one of the useful commercial door air curtain.

3. Centrifugal air curtain is a kind of commercial door air curtainthat easy to install and clean.

4. Centrifugal air curtain provides an air speed greater than 12m/s, which can quickly make an air curtain as an invisible door.

    As an air curtain manufacturerand air curtain for room supplier, Nedfon is trying to research and develop the best air curtain. With a large amount of manpower and material resources invested into the R&D department, we now have used the latest technology to achieve efficient operation and optimum performance. Due to high quality of centrifugal air curtain, we have been considered as the famous centrifugal air curtain factory, air curtain manufacturerand air curtain for room supplier.


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