As the persistence of the coronavirus, more and more people has realized the importance of respiratory health. The fresh air ventilation system, which can ventilate and improve the air quality, has become the key means to fight against the coronavirus. So how important is the fresh air ventilation system?

   Fresh air ventilation system is a set of independent air handling system which is composed of air supply system and air exhaust system. The functions of fresh air ventilation system are as follow.

1. Ventilation function: Fresh air ventilation system is able to provide fresh air for indoor, exhaust the unfresh air from indoor.

2. Deodorization function: Fresh air ventilation system can quickly remove uncomfortable smell, creating a comfortable environment.

3. Dehumidification function: Fresh air ventilation system is able to exhaust indoor moist air, preventing the growth of bacteria and things moldy. It is conducive to extending the lifetime of buildings and furniture

4. Indoor temperature adjustment: In summer, fresh air ventilation system can drive away the indoor heat, replacing the outside cool air. In winter, the total heat exchange can reduce indoor temperature loss, improving the heating efficieny in winter.

   With the development of science and technology, the functions of the new air system will continue to innovate, improving the living environment. Take Nedfon fresh air ventilation system as an example. As an experienced air purifier manufacturers and fresh air ventilation systemsupplier, Nedfon has research and develop many kinds of fresh air ventilation system, including commercial energy recovery ventilator, heat recovery ventilator, window air purifier, air purifier, commercial heat recovery ventilator, cabinet type heat recovery ventilator etc. And each of them have their unique advantages, so consumer can choose different kinds of products according to their own needs. Let’s introduce commercial energy recovery ventilator, air purifier. window air purifier, and commercial heat recovery ventilator in details.

1. commercial energy recovery ventilator

Commercial energy recovery ventilatora new product that launched in 2019. It is for commercial and household usage, including Pre-filter type and HEPA-filter type. Air volume includes 150, 250, 500, 800, 1000, 1500, 2000. There are two types of controllers, including switch type and wall-mounted control type.

2. Commercial heat recovery ventilator

Nedfon is an famous commercial heat recovery ventilato rsupplier due to the high quality of commercial heat recovery ventilator. It can effectively purify and improves the indoor air without opening the windows or the doors. Moreover, commercial heat recovery ventilator is able to minimize the energy consumption in the cooling and heating seasons. There are two available models for choice.

3. air purifier

Nedfon is an trustworthy air purifier manufacturers, due to the high quality of air purifier. Air purifier launched in 2019, which is one machine, dual use. It can used as “only air purifier” or “fresh-air exchanger & air purifier”.

4. window air purifier

Window air purifieris a new products which launched in 2019 by Nedfon, a window air purifier supplier. Window air purifier is a perfect choice for house, office, conference rooms, shopping malls and other public rooms. It can effectively works for the ducts for air supply to keep the indoor air fresh. The HEPA-filter removes 95% PM2.5.


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