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  • ** Dual use as "only air purifier" or "fresh-air exchanger & air purifier"
  • ** Out door fresh air supplement, air filteration, clean fresh air circulation
  • ** One size of 240*240*635

  Air Purifieirr is one of the FRESH AIR SYSTEM produced by Nedfon in 2019, which has been widely sold at home and abroad as soon as it comes to the market. If you want to choose a FRESH AIR SYSTEM that can be easy to install, Air Purifier can be your best choice. Therefore, I will introduce the Air Purifier in some details and I hope these can help you to choose the suitable FRESH AIR SYSTEM.

  The following features of Air Purifier make it so popular among the consumers.

1. One machine dual use

   Nedfon Air Purifier is an advanced “ductless” fresh air system, which not only uses internal circulation to purify the indoor air, but also provides the air purifier mode of fresh air supplement + internal circulation. The utility model can also be used as a fresh air purifier after being installed by a wall connecting pipe. It has really realized "multi-purpose machine" .

2. Unique design

   The design of Nedfon Air Purifier is unique and simple, which is suitable for the modern building and is easy to be installed. The air outlet is so smooth that the air can be transmitted to the whole room effectively with low noise.

3. Energy-saving and low noise

   Nedfon Air Purifier adopts high-quality full copper motor with high resistant, stable operation performance and long lifetime. The high-quality motor contributes to reducing the noise and saving energy when working.

4. Quadruple purification

   Nedfon Air Purifier is with quadruple purification system, including Nanofabrication grid, Primary filter, Activated Carbon Filter and HIIV level HEPA filter. With powerful quadruple purification system, Air Purifier is able to effectively and quickly remove the PM2.5, uncomfortable smell, unfresh air, microorganisms from indoor. Its applicable area is 21-37㎡.

    It is necessary to choose a FRESH AIR SYSTEM in your house as more and more time you spend in the room in today’s society. Nedfon Air Purifier is a good choice.

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