Nedfon has long been an experienced air fan manufacturer and supplier. Nedfon provides many series of air fan, including Floor Fan, Commercial Stand Fan, Mini Centrifugal Roof Fan, Centrifugal Roof Exhaust Fans, Cooling Wet Curtain Blower, Commercial Wall Fan and Orbit Fan. With higher quality and lower price, Nedfon air fan has been sold at home and abroad for many years, getting a lot of appreciation from consumers.

   Compared with other ventilating fans,air fan has obvious advantages.The following features of air fan make it so popular among the consumers.

1. Air Fan is much cheaper than other ventilation fan. With high quality and low price, Nedfon is regarded as the best commercial stand fan supplier and commercial wall fan manufacturer.

2. Air Fan is easy to clean, and the wind produced by Air Fan is adequate, suitable for many situations.

3. Air Fan is a kind of energy-saving appliance. Commercial stand fans, commercial wall fans, floor fans, centrifugal roof exhaust fans are more energy-saving than other ventilation fan.

   There are commercial stand fan, commercial wall fan, centrifugal roof fan,centrifugal roof exhaust fans and floor fans for sale in Nedfon. Consumers are able to choose air fans according to their different needs. Therefore, some kinds of air fans will be introduced in details as follow, hoping that they will help you to choose the suitable air fans.

1. commercial stand fan

Nedfon has long been an experienced commercial stand fan supplier. Commercial stand fan produced by Nedfon has 3 models, providing cool wind but making low noise. FS-45H can be used for commercial or household.

2. commercial wall fan

As an commercial wall fan manufacturer, Nedfon has best commercial wall fan for sale. There are four types for choosing, suitable for office, restaurant, meeting room and other place

3. Floor fans

There are floor fans for sale in Nedfon. Floor fan is designed for 2 models, suitable for office, living room, meeting room, and other places.

4. Centrifugal roof fan

Centrifugal roof exhaust fansis one of our famous and popular products. Centrifugal roof exhaust fans provide 2 sizes for choosing, which are suitable for vertical and horizontal installation. The compact design, easy installation, good performance of Centrifugal roof exhaust fans make them popular in the market.


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